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I have decided to add Glenn MILLER pictures of the Bug-ins in this section as they really worth to appear here... Again, many Thanks to Glenn for sharing with us all his knowledge of the good old days...

Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg
Worst of show cars... The late Shakey Jake was a yearly winner with incredible machines like these ones... I love the genuine BRMs on the second bug... Out of this world really...

Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg
Who said late model Super beetle are miles away from the Look... Look at that red one... You can add T-bar to you Super Bee too... Just add the licence plate at the right place and some cool Riviera wheels, like the model above.

Glenn comments here "Overall shot of the Bug-In at OCIR 1972 that shows the Car Show area and the Swap Meet & Dealer Displays in the background. The stands are Full with Fans watching the Drags. During these " Best of Times" the place was full and these VW Gatherings were so massive they caused a Traffic Jam way out on the Freeway with those awaiting entry !"

Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg
Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg
Louvered decklids were en vogue at the Bug-ins... Not everyone cup of tea (and definitely not mine in fact) but those were the days... Bug-Ins
Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg
Fiberglass accessories were de rigueur. Perry BRONSONS Fat-Pak Split being admired at the Bug-In, 1970. BRONSON along with Fiberglass Specialist Don ROUNDTREE were the first to mass produce VW Bug superwide rear fenders, The Bronson Fat-pak !!!

Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg

Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg
Some very interesting pictures of VW Kit cars which were very popular back then... The first shows a part of the show reserved to what seems to be Kelmark GT... The second shows another VW based kit car : the Bugatti replicas which were offered by Bay Products Corporation for 750$...

Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg
Own some Bug-ins pictures, just feel free to email them to me and they will appear here...

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