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Browsing your old VW literature in search of anything dealing with good old days reserve some cool surprises... And when you find Bug-ins adverts, believe me, that makes your day. Here are some for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy...

Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg

Every little thing stamped with the Bug-in logo is highly collectible today with prices out of this world...

If you want to starts a collection, here are some ideas...


Dash Plaques.


Cool Stuffs.

Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg

Picture shown below was taken at B.F.Y. Shop in Orange... It shows a mega cool Bug-in 7 event poster. Sorry for the poor quality picture but shooting this piece of history was not an easy task. Hopefully, I found the same advert for Bug-in 7 in an old Hot VWs. Who said better quality... Glenn MILLER sent me the yellow Bug In 23 advert picture. Poster for Bug-in 27 is way cool too!
Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg

Here's some scan that my friend Randy C FOUNTAIN from USA sent me some times ago... THANKS Randy. Quality of his scans is second to none. By the way, if you're into Nostalgia Dune Buggies, you just have to take a look at his awesome website. This site has the best period pictures of dune buggies I have ever seen. Graphics & design are also awesome...

What??? The URL... Arf, here it is : Desertdust.com. Keep up the good work Randy.
Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg

Great pictures of Frenchy DEHOUX garage wall full of period posters of the Bug-ins events. Frenchy has the biggest collection of Bug-ins memorabilia I have ever seen. Don't forget to look at Frenchy's own section on Good Stuff corner for more pictures like these ones...
Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg

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