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Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg
Unfortunately, I managed to save only 3 of David's pictures as the others were not quality enough to display them.

1- The BAE Turbo race car.

2- Imagination Dragster. Note the Magneto...

3- The Baby Huey too Fiat... Hey Frederick, hope you like the color scheme of the car ;)


Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg
Seems that Karmann Ghia were en vogue at Bug-ins in very early 1980's... Who remember the Red Rider Turbo KG doing a wild wheeling thumbs up on cover on Hot VWs... Crazy machine... Yellow roof chopped K.G. seems to be California Sting, a regular at the racetracks. Moody Blue and Strip teaser were great ride too. I have no details about these 2 cars.

Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg
Another "The Ghia". That car still exist today and use to run in Japan under an all red dress. Note the cool Bug-in T-Shirt of the photographer on the foreground...

And two dragsters : Time Machine and the famous Little Giant Killer. Seeing Baby Huey too awaiting in the background is great.

Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg
Two cool looking oval windows Beetles : Bananas and Hair Bee Canaree. Note the EMPI 5 and the plexiglas headlight cover on Canaree... Note the Turbo on Precision Bug Builders and the yellow Plexiglas against the bright metalflake green paint. The Top Chop on this late model Dick Rey VW is cool too.

Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg
Tuff E Nuff black top chopped bug racing against yellow California Sting K.G... This bright orange race car looks like Insanity bug, but I'm not sure... A flamed one and last, but not least, Mike SMITH team pushing the legendary white wild wheelies bug.

Own some Bug-ins pictures, just feel free to email them to me and they will appear here...
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