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Jeff HANSON sent me some pictures he took while attending Bug-in 28. His pictures are great and definitely shows what was the meeting spirit... Enjoy! And Thanks again Jeff!!!

Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg
This little oval window bug seemed to be a real fast car. Note the mild wheelie at the starting line. Great! Note that the graphics on this car looks very early 80's.

The Little Giant Killer VW powered rail next to the trailer room.

Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg
Bug-ins meetings saw great races beetwen all kinds of VW powered machines. But as you may have expected, majority of them were Bugs...

Those red bugs looks very similar with their Centerlines wheels and matching paint scheme! Note the scoop for instruments on the hood of the yellow racer! An accessory I'd like to see more often today...

Kawell race Bus!

Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg
What about the above pictures... Aren't they great? This little VW engined Fiat 600 performed big wheelies. The weight of this Italian cars sure helps to send front wheels up in the air.

Larry SHAW black bug was the big winner of the last Bug-ins. Larry won Best of Show at Bug-in 28. I understand why when I detail the engine pictures on the right. Details, details...


Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg
Dune Buggies were part of the show too, even in the 80's. And they performs outstanding wheelies for a great shot!

I remember seeing the grey top chopped bug in my old literature but I can't remember his name... I guess Kraut Kan II but I'm really not sure...

Whip it! bug top chopped bug looked great too! Note the fiberglass front hood.
Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg
Another action shots. I love those period pictures...

The Rick Cowles launches hard...

And a perfect turbo engine in a Ghia. Details are out of this world... I can't remember the car, but the engine sure looks the part. Paint scheme of the engine bay looks very 80's too.

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