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Bug-ins Dash Plaques are without a doubt the most sought after Bug-in memorabilia today, and they are now priceless. Complete collection are very very rare... I heard Keith SEUME put for sale some times ago a complete collection is used to have in... duplicate... Only Keith... Add one or several plaques to your VW and your dash will definitely remind the good old days of the 70's...
Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg

Every little thing stamped with the Bug-in logo is highly collectible today with prices out of this world...

If you want to starts a collection, here are some ideas...


Dash Plaques.


Cool Stuffs.

KOBUS makes it again... Yes, Kobus collection is very impressive too... In fact, Kobus miss only one plaque : the 1st edition ever... if you can help... Note that some of them are NOS... Crazy!
Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg
Here are some duplicates...The Bug-in 2 plaque is very desirable... Note the Riverside association plaque... Great! The white glovebox cover come from a Type 3... If you add these two glovebox cover, you have a complete collection (except Bug-ins 1 and 17...). Lucky Kobus...
Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg Bug In.jpg
Bug-Ins Bug-Ins

Picture on right shows my friend Matt HOWARD from Phoenix with a great collection of plaques. Amazing find for sure. Hey Matt, they would look great on my car ;)

Picture is a thumbnail, you can click on it for bigger image...

Frenchy DEHOUX from Phoenix own a complete collection of plaques (see picture on left), and has stacks (yes, stacks) of these little gems in his garage. Lucky Frenchy...

These dash plaques for Bug-ins 7 and 8 come from my personal collection. I have to send a big Thank you to Jack SPENCER for providing them for me.

I now own 8 plaques and I love them. Bug-in 8 plaque is very important for me as the meeting was held on 23th April 1972 and I was born on 18th April 1972... Pictures will come in near future...

This Bug-in 29 plaque held on 24th october 1982 belong to Glenn MILLER. Note that this particular event was sponsored by the late TREUHAFT VW accessories Shop.

Own some Bug-ins dash plaques and want to see them here, just feel free to email me...

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