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Be aware, here comes another living legend. I introduce you the most french guy of all american VW enthusiast : Jean Louis DEHOUX from TEMPE (AZ). Pour les français, un reportage a été publié dans le 1er Hors Série NITRO consacré à la VW (si vous êtes sages, je scannerai tout çà prochainement) et beaucoup plus récemment dans le numéro 144 de Super VW (The best Super VW ever?).

Frenchy was friendly enough to open me his house doors and spend some times with me and Eric Lussier (as well as Tricia and Lo²tte) showing us all his memorabilia, and god, what memorabilia. When was the last time you were given the opportunity to look at complete row of Bug-Ins signs from many years, at 3 February '75 issues of Hot VWs at the same place, at purple Deano Dyno Soars parts of all kinds, at... Speaking some french in Phoenix, near cactus and oars, was also great ;))

I'll show you frenchy's parts soon, but for now, let's have a look at 2 of the most detailed Old School VW I have ever seen. You have to see the level of details on these 2 cars. That's simply amazing. I have looked and looked at engines bays and believe me when I say that there were simply no dust. I would eat in engine bay ;))

Most of these pictures were taken by night, so sorry for not so good quality.
Frenchy.jpg Frenchy.jpg
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 Eric LUSSIER from USA

 Frenchy DEHOUX from USA

 Glenn MILLER Memorabilia

 Fabian DEWAR from BELGIUM

 Jimmy ROTH from USA


 Sachio MAKI from JAPAN

 Jack SPENCER from USA

 Richard ROTH from USA
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 Fredo JOLY from FRANCE
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 Matt HOWARD from USA
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When I first saw this finished car on the internet earlier that year, I remember telling me : God, what a stunning car. And when I first saw this car in real life, I thought : God, what an AWESOME car. This '54 has it all : big engine, good stance, great rims, details... Frenchy, you made here an outstanding job.

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That's what I call an Old School VW. Attention to detail is everywhere. Hey, Frenchy, I simply can't wait to see THE ghia. On the first picture, you can see Frenchy's garage.

Frenchy.jpg Frenchy.jpg Frenchy.jpg

Magneto or Bosch 010? It's up to you... Frenchy took his '010 apart just before the VW Classic 2001 and in place a Magneto. Doesn't it look greats. Undoubtely, one of the best looking engine I have ever seen. Hey, what 'bout those genuine Centerlines wheels?


This white '67 is around town for a while now but it still looks great as the first day. Undoubtly a very well built car.

Frenchy.jpg Frenchy.jpg

67's bugs are so great with such a magical treatment. EMPI GT steering wheel add to the clean look.

Frenchy.jpg Frenchy.jpg

As usual with Frenchy, engine bay is simply amazing.

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