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As I said before, Eric sold his great Mr EMPI some times ago, but he kept all the nostalgia stuff for his future plans. When I arrived at Eric's home, little did I realized that there were a split window bug sitting in his garden, awaiting one magical treatment...

Lussier.jpg Lussier.jpg Lussier.jpg

Here are Eric's plans : EMPI front hood (I loved it at first sight), EMPI rear seats and Genuine BRMs at all corners. I already see this gem in my mind. I'm sure it's going to be something really special. I think that the pictures speak from themselves. I especially like the front shoot : little windshield, tachometer hole in front hood and split window. I have to note that it was approximately 105F in Phoenix while I was shooting the car, and believe me, that's crazy. In fact, my skin became red in 5 minutes ;(( But the car worth it...

Lussier.jpg Lussier.jpg Lussier.jpg

'63 Mr EMPI

Here was Eric's old trusty '63... Unfortunately, this very special car had to gone... And no longer exist in this state... But, I have to show you this car as it was a very impressive one... I met Eric thanks to this car spoted at Phoenix Bug-O-Rama in a magazine...

Lussier.jpg Lussier.jpg Lussier.jpg Lussier.jpg
Sure, it was a cool ride...
Lussier.jpg Lussier.jpg Lussier.jpg Lussier.jpg
Car's interior was stunning with all those genuine EMPI parts. The gauges looked ultra cool.

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