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EMPI GTV MK IV '66 project...

Back in the days, EMPI GTV bugs were called Small Wonder or Mini Porsche by the enthusiasts... Whatever the name they were offered, these bugs sure looked the part and performed as well... By the way, a full GTV story will make it on the site sometime this year... Keep posted...

Early GTV bugs were available in 4 different models, depending on the level of equipment. The most improved bug was the MK IV, and that's precisely this one that Richard decided to build some 16 years ago... A true challenge when you consider original EMPI parts prices are simply out of this poor world... But in the end, this car promise to be THE ultimate GTV bug to hit the roads so far...

Picture below for reference is a period drawing (correct for the '66 model, which is... rare...) showing the level of equipment of the MK IV GTV...

Richard genuine '66 GTV promise to be one awesome car. Just look at the pictures below and start dreaming... The car was found in a junkyard in North Carolina in 1987... and is undergoing a full body off resto since that days... Here are Richard's own words before enjoying the pictures...

"I have added other "pre-1970" Empi parts to it during the restoration process, the three fiberglass seats, for example. I wanted every part to be "period correct" There are no reproduction parts used! All five tires are Goodyear Blue Streaks, even the inner-tubes are marked Goodyear Racing, and are from the 1960's. Every piece in the Engine is original Empi!,heads, supercharger, crank, cam, cam gear, lifters, pistons, cylinders, valves, valve guides, springs, sump, etc. ! The same with the transmission. Even all five genuine BRM's have original NOS empi lug-nuts and spacers. All the water-transfer decals you see in the pictures are genuine, I kept the backing papers as proof! I wanted to have the most authentic Empi car on the planet." And I personnaly think that you succeeded...

roth.jpg roth.jpg roth.jpg
Is it a mega cool looking dashboard or what? For me, that's the greatest I ever seen, simple as that! What would you add to this one... Nothing, all is here... Awesome!

roth.jpg roth.jpg roth.jpg
Attention to details promise to be second to none on this car... And when you add details to all the goodies, you end with a really impressive coktail... Note the red ALLARD badge... Great!

roth.jpg roth.jpg roth.jpg
Notice the underside of the body and the EMPI vents on the second picture... Should be hard to cut holes in your body to add them... But they sure add some fresh air under your girlfriend skirt...

roth.jpg roth.jpg roth.jpg
EMPI backseat... Would give my sockets for such a perfect example ;) Sure such seats look the part...

roth.jpg roth.jpg roth.jpg
Here are those period correct stickers... They sure add to the general look... What about those genuine EMPI chrome shock absorbers...

roth.jpg roth.jpg roth.jpg
Faultless headliner... EMPI front seats and EMPI gauges...

roth.jpg roth.jpg roth.jpg
And last but not least, engine parts are all here... The Schorrock is highly desirable or what? See right column for engine's parts details.

Here are the parts list of the most notable items... Who said Crazy... What an impressive list...

Richard, without a doubt, your car promise to be the greatest Bug of the world... Can't wait to detail it in real life my friend ;)

EMPI ampere gauge
EMPI oil temp gauge
EMPI oil pressure gauge
EMPI cylinder head temp gauge
EMPI vacuum gauge
EMPI tachometer
SHORROCK vacuum pressure gauge
EMPI AM radio
EMPI 8-track player

EMPI add-a-dash
EMPI oil pump with original EMPI filter
EMPI stripe kit
EMPI dash pad
EMPI speakers
EMPI 14' GTV steering wheel
EMPI fiberglass seats
KAMEI accemerator pedal
EMPI footrest
EMPI gauge panels
EMPI side scoops (functional)
EMPI map lights (3)
SHORROCK supercharger
SHORROCK badges (Sidney Allard Enterprises)
EMPI GTV badges (2)

EMPI wood dash knob kit
EMPI 88mm pistons with Biral cylinders
EMPI SPG 82mm roller crank
EMPI 831 cam
EMPI cam gear
Fumio FUKAYA heads (39mm X 35mm valves)
EMPI GT valve covers
EMPI magnesium deep sump
EMPI extraxtor exhaust
EMPI 1.4 to 1 ratio rockers
EMPI close ratio gear set
CROWNE axles
CROWNE steel sidecovers
ZF limited slip differential
EMPI transmission girdle
EMPI rosewood door toppers
EMPI door pulls
EMPI window winders and door handles
EMPI camber compensator

EMPI magnesium BRM (5)
GOODYEAR bluestreak
PORSCHE 356B drum brakes (rear)
MAICO disc brakes (front)
EMPI bumper braces
EMPI bumper guards
EMPI track-tru sawy bar
EMPI chrome shocks (4)
EMPI fuel filter
EMPI vents
EMPI licence plate frames (front & rear)
EMPI power brake booster
EMPI eliminator shifter
HURST 6V line lock
EMPI 6V "Transispark" CD Ignition

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